October 19, 2014 by Webmaster

Memberships and Insurance

Because of Karate's nature, all Karateka are required, under the JKA England to be licensed and registered. Licensing covers a year of insurance and affiliation. The insurance is valid for training at all JKA England and affiliated clubs / associations.

JKA England licence and insurance costs £25 per annum

Ataru ask that a £20 membership fee be paid per person or £35 for families. This is a 'one off' life payment and is subject to the Club, Terms & Conditions of membership. The club membership can be paid at a later date to save such an initial outlay.



We welcome observers so even before getting involved you have the chance to assess our methods. We certainly expect questions to be forth coming and are most certainly ready to answer any queries you may have regarding the training.

If you decide to have a go, you will be expected to dress appropriately. Jog-pants and a T-shirt are sufficient providing there are no zips or toggles prominent. Jewellery should be taken off and in the event you are unable to remove it, we would ask that a plaster be applied for your protection and that of other Karateka (karate students). Glasses do not pose an issue, nor do contact lenses.

Ataru SKC are strictly a non-profit making club