JKA England, 15th Anniversary International Spring Course | Day 1

Excellent fist days training at the JKA England, 15th Anniversary International Spring Course.

In the first session, as ever we separated into kyu grade, brown belt, Shodan/Nidan and Sandan & above groups.

Mai Shiina Sensei took the Sandan and above group through various techniques, combinations and Kumite activities all relating to ‘Deai’, literally meaning ‘meeting’, ‘rendezvous’, ‘encounter’.

In a martial arts sense, Deai relates to the distance of an opponent or opponents and to the how far techniques travel to strike, whether it be yours, or your opponents.

Session two, we were able to select a Kata; Bassai Dai, Jion or Kanku Dai.

Sensei Andy and myself opted for Jion which again was instructed by Mai Shiina Sensei.

A couple of the key points are the use of, ‘Sokuto’ (the outside foot edge or blade) when landing in Kida Dachi along with the importance of preparation in many of the turning techniques.

Lots of great instruction and information to take back to the dojo and practice.

Thanks to Sensei Ken Hori for translating.

Onwards to day 2!

~Sensei Jamie

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