JKA England, 15th Anniversary International Spring Course | Day 3

Yesterday the Sandan and above group were instructed by Imura Sensei (8th Dan).

Sensei took us through some core basics focusing on well set stance which followed on nicely from yeserdays theme by Kobayashi Sensei of generating and correctly using Kime and delivering 0% to 100% to 0% techniques. Ikken Hissatsu!

We started with a simple double punch, Jodan, Chudan (left and right, then right and left etc.) from Kiba Dachi, ensuring the feet and knees were stable and generating power to the punch from feeet, through the knees, to the hips, to the technique, making sure we release the muscles to allow them to get back into action quicker. Also paying attention to the transition from same are Zuki.

We then paired up and used the same techniques, but this time with the opponent blocking, Age Uke, same arm Soto Uke. We did this numerous times then expanded to Chudan Zuki, same arm Jodan Uraken which was blocked by Chudan Soto Uke, same arm Jodan Soto Uke. Quite a painful excersize as the block always connects with the wrist in the same place, to which Sensei responded, ‘if it hurts when you do this, you must train harder!!!’.

We finished with some Shoto Uke, Shuto Uchi combinations which progressed to light free Kumite, restricted to only Shuto Uchi (inside and outside) and Uraken.

Quite a basic, gruelling session, but with a good atmosphere.

For Kata, the choices were Bassai Dai, Jion, Sochin and Jitte.

I opted for Jitte, which was again taken by Imura Sensei.

Another a gruelling session which started quite sedately with some of the Kata Bunkai, moving into practicing the key combinations and movements in the Kata, up and down the dojo, many times.

Key Kata point being, the separation of upper and lower body movement, when transitioning between techniques in Kiba Dachi.

We finished by drilling the Kata; one after another, given about 30 seconds of rest between each. I can’t remember how many times we did this, but its a good way to really bed the Kata into the mind and body for those less familiar with it.

Onwards to the fourth and final day!

~Sensei Jamie

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